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Visit LampShopOnline, where you can buy satisfying products, find LED Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes, Light Bulbs, Control Gear and more popular products, as well as make the most of your savings with the latest LampShopOnline voucher codes today

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The most popular discount codes for LampShopOnline

43% reductions28.05.2023
15% discount on LampShopOnline purchases28.05.2023
Last chance to get a big saving28.05.2023
Get up to 30% on all products28.05.2023
LampShopOnline gift cards for as little as £2028.05.2023
Get 50% off on hot items at LampShopOnline28.05.2023
2 for 1 on selected products at LampShopOnline28.05.2023
Exclusive offers on orders over £5028.05.2023
Limited time offer - 45% off for Bright Source Emergency Batteries28.05.2023
Special offer for Philips HF-R Ballasts - over 12% discount28.05.2023
21% off site-wide + Tridonic PCA Ballasts discount28.05.2023
29% off sitewide plus 10% off Tridonic PC Basic28.05.2023
28% discount on the purchase of Tridonic PC TCL Pro28.05.2023
Tridonic PC T5 Pro with 11% off, no voucher needed28.05.2023
Discount for Low Voltage Halogen Emergency Kit plus cashback28.05.2023
26% discount on Low Voltage Halogen Transformers + free gift28.05.2023
Get 23% off on T12 TUBES28.05.2023
T5 TUBES - 15MM DIAMETER sale - up to 26% discount28.05.2023
15% off minimum spend + 10% off 70w-125w Starters28.05.2023
Up to 30% off 4-65w Universal Starters - best offer28.05.2023
Sale for 4-22w Series Starters and 15% off on clearance28.05.2023
10% off sitewide + Grolux T8 Fluorescent Tubes with 9% discount28.05.2023
Up to 12% off Full Spectrum Activa T8 tubes + 12% off sale28.05.2023
Enjoy up to 21% off on Blacklight Insectocutor Tubes exclusively28.05.2023
Blacklight Blue T8 Tubes - 21% discount28.05.2023
Great saving for Emergency Exit Bulkheads, more than 10% discount28.05.2023
Up to 31% off Emergency Downlights plus 30% off the final sale28.05.2023
LED Highbays with Sensors with 11% off, no voucher needed28.05.2023
LED T9 Circular Tubes sale, ends soon28.05.2023
Up to 81% off LED T5 Tubes28.05.2023
Exclusive 14% discount on LED T8 Tubes28.05.2023
Up to 9% off Osram LED Circular Luminaires today28.05.2023
Exclusive LED Polo Bulkhead Fittings 13% discount28.05.2023
Enjoy 29% off LED LUMINAIRES + up to 15% off sale28.05.2023
Up to 57% off Slim Recessed LED Downlights plus 21% off the final sale28.05.2023
Summer sale 20% off + Bright Source All In One Downlights with 12% discount28.05.2023
Up to 15% off 1200x300 LED Panels today28.05.2023
Up to 18% discount on 1200x600 LED Panels28.05.2023
Take 21% off 600x600 LED Panels and much more28.05.2023
Get 14% discount 3000k LED Corn Lights and more28.05.2023
13% off site-wide + 4000k LED Corn Lights discount28.05.2023
Up to 23% off for 6000k LED Corn Lights and more28.05.2023

Shopping tips for LampShopOnline

Where can I find LampShopOnline discount codes?

Sometimes they are automatically inserted into the shopping cart by LampShopOnline, so you do not need to use them manually. In other cases, LampShopOnline offers exclusive LampShopOnline discount codes to voucher sites such as The editors of will also contact LampShopOnline daily for new vouchers.

How do I use a LampShopOnline voucher code?

It's easy! The first trick is to find the LampShopOnline you want to buy and copy the voucher that best suits your needs. Then select the LampShopOnline product to your online shopping cart. Before paying, paste the copied voucher into the coupon box to get a discount on your purchase.

Sign up to the LampShopOnline newsletter and get a discount code on your first order

Sign up for LampShopOnline newsletter today to receive vouchers valid on your first purchase, as well as offers and deals without codes that are available at certain times of the year. LampShopOnline offers a wide variety of discount codes, such as student discounts and holiday discounts.

Payment methods for LampShopOnline

All credit cards and charge cards can be used as a method of payment. For in-store purchases, LampShopOnline accepts cash, and online payment methods such as PayPal can also be used.

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